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Did you know that solar is probably the best investment you can make? Especially these days when the stock market is crazy and interest rates are practically zero.

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    At Evident Solar, we work hard to make the world a better place by providing homes and businesses with renewable energy sources. We have the passion, knowledge, and the drive to do a great job on every project we do — whether it be solar panel installation or electric car charger installation. Because we are confident in our work, we offer a five-year warranty on our workmanship and a free estimate for every potential client. Ultimately, we want nothing more than to protect the environment and save you money. When you work with Evident Solar, you will never have to doubt our unwavering commitment to you, our customer. Please call us today if you would like to know more about our services, or if you would like to schedule your free quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    What else pays for itself with essentially zero risk? As long as the electric company charges for electricity and the sun shines, your solar system keeps paying! We are not like the other guys who push the biggest system possible, expensive upgrades and financing with hidden costs. Rather, we strive for a reputation of offering the best deal for the customer, both in initial cost and long-term results. Please let us help you make this awesome green investment that’s good for both you and the planet!


    At Evident Solar, we take great pride in the work that we do, and being able to serve our community and our planet at the same time means the world to us.

    About Us​

    Our founders started Evident Solar with a simple vision: offer the best quality solar-powered products at an affordable price.

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    Installation Process

    Via our contact form, email, or phone, you provide us with your address, your annual electricity usage, and your goals, such as “I want 100% of my electricity usage to be offset by solar”, or “I want to reduce my carbon footprint”.

    We may schedule an appointment to visit your location to see if there are any unusual factors that would affect the installation.

    We provide a preliminary design, a financial analysis, and an estimated timetable.

    By whichever means you prefer: phone, email, or face-to-face meeting, we work out any details or changes.

    Contract is signed.

    System turned on and payment made.

    We provide a firm quote


    Solar energy is a great investment! Often, the return-on-investment is over 10% the first year, and it goes up year after year as the rates charged by the utility increase, because with each increase, the value of your system’s production increases. And, it’s a very conservative investment. Any other investment with that kind of return carries risk of lost equity in the case of a downturn–but your solar array just keeps producing!

    So, we highly recommend that you divest other investments in order to pay for your solar system. But if financing is what makes sense for your situation, we’ll work with you to help find the best way to do it. Possibilities include C-PACE (commercial), RENU (residential), Home Efficiency Loan Program (Fort Collins Utilities), home equity loan, home refinance, or 401k loan.

    Our Recent Projects

    Sustainable energy is an important part of the fight to protect our environment. At Evident Solar, we are proud to be able to provide sustainable energy to both homes and businesses in the Fort Collins and Loveland area.

    Fort Collins


    18 290-watt, 72-cell Yingli panels, east facing, 5220 DC watts, 5000 watt Fronius Primo inverter, Solar Speedrack mounting

    Larimer County


    21 290-watt, 72-cell Yingli panels, east and west facing, 6090 DC watts, 5000 watt Fronius Primo inverter, Solar Speedrack mounting

    Fort Collins


    24 290-watt, 72-cell Yingli panels, south facing, 6960 DC watts, 6000 watt Fronius Primo inverter, Unirac mounting

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    Our Expert Team

    Our founders started Evident Solar with a simple vision: offer the best quality solar-powered products at an affordable price. Today, we are doing just that. Our talented and experienced team is constantly innovating and offering alternatives to traditional solar power. We want you to love the look and function of your solar panel system, so we utilize the latest and greatest technology to ensure your satisfaction.

    Robert Brooks

    Managing Partner & Engineer

    Wayne Platt

    Master Electrician